Super Easy Memo Board Countdown Calendar with Over 24 Kids’ Craft Ideas

This is extremely quick and easy to make countdown calendar.

holiday countdown calendar

Last year I spent two evenings wrapping each gift in pages from old London A-Z so this year I wanted to go for something less time consuming, especially that I had to make two calendars. Similar to last year, where I separated two boxes of Lego into 24 portions each for my girls, we decided to pack something other than sweets.

last minute Christmas calendar ideas

Each of the 24 packets contains mini craft set, for instance: beads with cord to make bracelet, plain Christmas bauble with papers to decorate it etc. I actually made couple extra bags so they could start crafting straight away. I will reveal more shortly… but from 1st of December we will be posting daily content of the bags on Instagram so don’t forget to follow us if you are curious what is inside…

christmas advent calendar


how to make a christmas advent calendar ideas

for the glass thumb tacks

  • clear glass nuggets
  • thumb tacks or plain flat pins
  • wrapping paper to decorate
  • paper glue
  • all purpose glue

christmas advent calendar ideas for kids


  1. To make the pushpins use paper glue to stick pebbles onto the paper.
  2. Cut them out and then use all purpose glue to stick the pins.

glass gem thumb tacks


Below you can see what we actually had in the calendars this year… daily updates can be found for the next 24 days every morning on our Instagram and later in the evening here, stay tuned!

24 kids craft ideas for the advent calendar

  1. pom pom pencil toppers
  2. button gift tags
  3. wooden bead doll bracelet (for the 5 year old one) & macrame bracelet with cat’s eye beads (for the bigger one)
  4. wooden peg people / Santas
  5. découpage baubles
  6. DIY hair ties with pom-poms, buttons and embellishments
  7. nutshell crafts 
  8. pom-pom creatures / Santas
  9. felt Christmas tree ornaments / gingerbread men
  10. dot art coasters
  11. clothes peg dolls
  12. yarn baubles / balloon ball
  13. felt Christmas tree ornaments / stockings
  14. pom-pom creatures / bugs
  15. decorated paper clips
  16. felt Christmas tree ornaments / squirrels or foxes (not sure)
  17. pipe cleaner and bead animals
  18. acrylic or glass pebble crafts – badges / brooches
  19. felt finger puppets
  20. play dough / modeling clay creatures
  21. yarn baubles / wire heart
  22. DIY hair clips with felt, pom-poms, buttons and embellishments
  23. laundry peg caterpillars
  24. pasta butterflies and other pasta crafts

I also prepared plain cardboard box (which I decorated with wrapping paper and glitter) with all tools and additional items they will need: scissors, needles, brushes, acrylic paints, varnish, glitter, threads, glue, tape etc.

DIY craft box set for kids

more ideas to try


If you find that craft every single day for 24 days is a bit too much, let kids save some of the crafty sets for later, they will come very handy during holidays when they will have lots of free time on their hands. My girls are keeping up so far, except for one bag (from the 7th) that we did not get around to do it, yet.

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  1. This is so cute, you’re so handy!! Love that you’ve filled them with little craft sets, can’t wait to see what’s inside!

  2. Thanks Becca!!! I will make sure to update this post once they will start opening the sets… can’t do it now as they have access to internet ;)

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