Sandwich Ideas for Husband’s Lunch

This time I’m posting lunch / lunchbox ideas not for kids but for big men.

Below my husband’s and my favourites, either while working at home or for his lunchbox when he has to work on location.

manly sandwich ideas wraps bread rolls open sandwiches

Bread of your choice plus

  • scrambled eggs on butter, with yellow pepper and fresh or frozen dill, topped with home-made coconut & pepper sauce & hot pickled peppers (pictured above)
  • cream cheese, turkey ham, avocado, leaves with shredded beetroot or leaves plus some sweet red pepper, cracked rainbow or black pepper
  • mayo, blue cheese, watercress
  • cream cheese, onion chutney, leaves, grated carrot  or grated beetroot
  • mature cheddar, mayo, leaves, leek, sweet red pepper, cracked pepper
  • brie, cranberry sauce, cracked black pepper
  • ham, mayo or butter, pickled pink ginger (geri) for sushi, salad leaves
  • butter, cheddar cheese, onion chutney, salad leaves
  • brie cheese, basil leaves, mixed lettuce & shredded beetroot or some bell pepper, sweet chilli sauce
  • ham, avocado, coconut sauce or butter, lettuce or/and bell peppers, pickled hot chilli pepper, cracked pepper or sweet chilli sauce
  • butter, mature Cheddar cheese, avocado, lettuce, cracked pepper, homemade coconut & pepper sauce
  • homemade tuna, dill & sweet corn sandwich filler
  • spicy Mexican cheese, butter, thinly sliced celery stalks
  • mayo or mayo mixed with soured cream or yogurt, ginger paste, mild cheese, lettuce
  • brie cheese, sliced cucumber, cracked rainbow or black pepper
  • butter, roasted chicken ham, wasabi or horseradish sauce
  • herbed cream cheese, rocket leaves or dill, smoked salmon or some homemade gravlax
  • feta cheese, sundried tomatoes, fresh basil leaves
  • fresh mozzarella cheese, green pesto, black olives
  • Camembert cheese, cherry tomatoes, cracked black or rainbow pepper
  • mascarpone cheese, fresh basil leaves, tomato pickle/chutney
  • unsalted butter, roasted chicken ham, lettuce and cranberry sauce

Tortilla wraps plus


I will be updating this post with new additions to our lunch menu.

And what is your favourite sandwich?

Your thoughts…

  1. wow-coconut and pepper sauce!! yumm!! for lunch the past week I’ve been eating an sliced onion bagel with a thin spread of whipped cream cheese, smoked turkey, and a sliced persion cucumber. thanks for sharing your great ideas!

  2. Your hubby is a luvky man to have you as his wife. My hubby is always home for lunch , he only takes sandwitcheswhen he is in travel.

  3. Miss_orange13 says:

    Thank you for sharing!!! I’ve had a hard time thinking of what to pack for the next day for my husband!

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