DIY Crochet Snoopy Outfit and Woodstock Toy from Peanuts for the World Book Day

Together with my older daughter Marissa we were preparing for the World Book Day since last year, I even joined textile class mostly to sew kimono (thank you Gönül for all the help) because she has planned to be Amy Hodgepodge. We had everything ready: kimono, hair chopsticks, fan etc. just to find out from school letter that kids should dress up as an animal character this year…

DIY children's kimono

Not thinking much we decided that Snoopy outfit would be perfect, especially that “Peanuts” strips by Charles M. Schulz are my daughter’s long time favourite, and not too hard to make at the same time.

It took me one evening to crochet the ears, collar, tail and the Woodstock toy ;) If you have more time you could also make single black patch for the back of the shirt…

crochet Snoopy Peanuts costume

My daughter wore white t-shirt, white leggings and white shoes. I sewed on white button on the back of her shirt to connect the tail. We also printed out words “Snoopy” for the front and “Peanuts” for the reverse of doggy tag (fonts can be found here: Peanuts font and Snoopy font), glued them to a piece of round cardboard, made a hole with a puncher and connected the name tag to the collar with piece of yarn. The ears were tied to the pony tails.


  • white, black, red and yellow yarn for 4 mm hook
  • 2 buttons: red & white
  • some cotton wool or other material for stuffing
  • white and red thread
  • round piece of cardboard and paper for the doggy tag
  • black face paint or eye-liner for the nose


  • 4 mm crochet hook
  • wool needle to make Woodstock mouth and eyes
  • regular needle for buttons
  • hole puncher
  • printer or black marker


Please note that names of the stitches in UK & US vary, this is UK pattern, click through for crochet stitches conversion chart.

stitches used: chain (ch), slip stitch (ss), double crochet (dc), half treble (htr)

Snoopy from Peanuts handmade costume


ROUND 1 (foundation round) – using white yarn
5 ch

ROUND 1 – 2
work dc adding extra ch in between stitches

work htr until the tail is almost long enough, then change to black yarn and work 3 more rounds

stuff the tail with cotton wool and seal with row of ss


4 – 6 ch (depending how big the button on the shirt is)
finish off with ss


ROW 1 (foundation row)
6 ch

dc all the way around foundation row

2 dc into each stitch of the previous round


htr through entire round


work htr adding extra stitches (into the same stitch) every 3rd stitch


htr for as many rounds as needed to make the ears long enough, close with ss


work about 75 – 80 ch, close with ss, thread the string through the last round of the ear

Repeat the same steps to make another ear.

Snoopy's red collar


ROW 1 (foundation row)
6 ch + 2 extra ch

ROW 1+
5 htr, 2 ch

LAST ROW (Make it a bit shorter than needed as it will stretch.)
5 htr

5 ch, finish with ss
Sew on the button.

stuffed Woodstock toy


First make feet, wings and the tail so you can connect them once you are going along and stuffing the toy.


3 ch ring closed with ss

then 3 times 5 ch, ss into every second stitch of the circle to create the loops for the feathers

repeat the same to create another wing


3 ch ring closed with ss

work ch, dc, ch, dc etc into the ring

then on one side of the circle work 3 ch, 4 dc, ss to create the toes

repeat the same to create another foot


start with 3 ch + 1 ch, turn over

3 dc + 1 ch for 4 rows

5th row 3 dc only

then work 6 ch ss 6 ch ss into every stitch of the previous row to crate 6 feathers


5 ch ring closed with ss + 1 ch

next round – dc, ch, dc, ch etc.

connect the feet

work htr for about 4 – 5 rounds, connect the tail when you on 3rd – 4th round

then start reducing working htr every second stitch until the body starts closing

connect the wings

stuff with cotton wool without disconnecting the yarn

start working on the head – dc, ch, dc, ch etc. for 2 rounds or till the head seem to be wide enough, must be bigger than the body

then work dc adding ch only on the front of the head for 1 round

2 rounds of htr

then start reducing to close the head – work htr skipping every 3rd, and then every 2nd stitch

stuff the head with cotton wool

close with line of ss on the top of the head

pull pieces of thread through the ss stitches and tie them on the top of the head for hair

use black yarn and wool needle to make the mouth and eyes


Now all you need to do is to draw some black dot on the nose and voilà, the Snoopy outfit is ready!


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