My Latest Obsession – Succulents & Cacti (Gallery with Names)

One of the main reasons I like succulents is the fact that they are very forgiving, easy to care for and can be propagated from leaves and cuttings… so I can rearrange and make new plants whenever I wish.

And of course they look gorgeous, too.

succulent crassula family jade tree

Crassula ovata – also known as jade plant, money plant or jade tree and crawling Crassula marnieriana jade necklace or Chinese pagoda

giant string of buttons succulent

Crassula perforata – also called giant string of buttons or necklace vine

necklace vine succulent giant string of buttons stacked crassula

Crassula perforata (stacked Crassula) – giant string of buttons or necklace vine

succulent crassula plant

Crassula ovatajade plant, money plant (leaves turned here red from exposure to the sun during summer months)

fuzzy succulent with paw shaped leaves

Cotyledon tomentosa – also called bear’s paws because of fuzzy, bear paw shaped leaves

cotyledon bears paws flowers

bears’ paws flowers are orange or yellow and have delicate sweet scent

blooming succulents macros close ups photos Crassula marnieriana blossom

blooming Crassula marnieriana – the flowers look pretty but their scent is pretty unpleasant, we usually cut them off as soon as they appear

Senecio radicans string of beans creeping succulent

Senecio radicans – creeping succulent also called string of beans 

creeping hanging succulent little green balls

Senecio radicans in a DIY tall planter

crassula jade necklace plant

Crassula marnieriana – jade necklace

succulents names dictionary gallery

Haworthia attenuata – it is plant from the same family as Aloe vera plants, it is also called zebra cactus or zebra plant

zebra aloes Haworthia attenuata stem with flowers how does zebra aloes blossom look like

blooming Haworthia attenuata / zebra cactus  with close up of the blossom (once the flowers are dead the entire stalk can be snipped off close to the base)

Cutting spiky succulent with white stripes

baby Haworthia attenuata and aquarium gravel

Adromischus cristatus, Cotyledon cristata, crinkle leaf plant, key lime pie

Adromischus cristatus or Cotyledon cristata  also known as crinkle leaf plant or key lime pie (after shape of the leaves)

purple rosette shaped succulent

Echeveriapurple pearl

how to make succulents garden

miniature succulent garden with Crassula marnieriana, Haworthia attenuata and red pebbles

Crassula muscosa, princess pine, watch chain, shoelaces, clubmoss Crassula , rat tail, rattail Crassula

Crassula muscosa – also known as princess pine, watch chain, shoelaces or clubmoss Crassula or rat tail Crassula

succulent that look like Christmas tree

Crassula muscosa (close up)

sedum mixed varieties of stonecrop

three different shades of Sedum (stonecrop) – Sedum morganianum (burrito leaf, burro’s tail, donkey tail), Sedum rubrotinctum (aurora, pink stonecrop, pink jelly beans) and possibly baby Sedum dasyphyllum (Corsican stonecropblue tears Sedum, love & tangles, love and tangle)

echeveria succulent with red leaf edges

baby Echeveria agavoides

echeveria with spiky red coloured leaves

 adult Echeveria agavoides also called lipstick, ebony wax agave and ebony Echeveria (red colour on the leaves depends on amount of exposure to the sun)

spotted Lithop succulent pebble plant split rock living stone plant cacti

Lithops  also known as pebble plantssplit rocks or living stones come in many varieties and colours and produce beautiful blossoms once in a while

succulents that look like pebbles stones

Lithop / pebble plant (close up)

Crassula ovata, gollum, trumpet jade, ET's fingers, Shrek's ears

Crassula ovata “gollum” also known as trumpet jade, ET’s fingers, hobbit Crassula or Shrek’s ears


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Your thoughts…

  1. Ahhh nice ones! We’re so ‘otsp’ on the succulents ;) I like the vibrant pebbles, very fiesta like!

  2. I love the zebra aloes! one of my favorites…

  3. Thank you for sharing. I love succulents! The only thing is, I dont know where to get beautiful rare species. What I see in our home depot here are the common ones.

  4. My succulent came from very different sources Lynne. I often take a leaf or two from someone and propagate them myself. Some came also from supermarkets. The purple echeveria is originally from Ikea, the first plant… since then we propagated dozens of them from the leaves.

  5. These are so beautiful and healthy. I usually can grow most anything but I kill these every time. Do you use a special soil? How often do you water them? I have a birdcage I wanted to plant with them. I am not sure where to start. Thanks for your help.

  6. Hi Cyndee,

    Thank you. Cacti soil is usually best for succulents but if you can’t get it you can mix all purpose soil with some sand to make it less rich. Hope it helps.

  7. I simply love all succulents and reading everyone’s stories.So far I have had no luck with breaking the leaves off and propagating.I do have a fuzzy one that Is propagating very well and I am tickled prnk!! Thanks so much for all your information😀👏👏

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