How to Make Real Vanilla Sugar / Cukier Waniliowy

homemade vanilla sugar

Many vanilla sugars available on the market (especially those cheaper ones) are not real vanilla sugars but mixture of sugar with synthetic Vanillin along other chemicals. Luckily you can make your very own real vanilla sugar very easily at home… and all you need is some fine sugar and a vanilla pod or two.

ingredients for vanilla sugar


how to open vanilla pod


  • very sharp knife (I used filleting knife)
  • air tight container(s)

open vanilla pod


  1. Using very sharp knife split vanilla beans lengthwise and scrape all the seeds out of the pod.
  2. Add them to the container with sugar.
  3. Cut vanilla beans into pieces so if you are going to share later sugar into jars you can put piece in each of them.
  4. Mix vanilla seeds and sugar, add also the pods and close the container for about 2 weeks.
  5. Share into the jars and enjoy in your coffee and desserts or put in a nice jar as a gift for someone.

Make 4 cups of vanilla sugar.

natural vanilla sugar


I made the whole kilogram of vanilla sugar so my husband & I we can use it in our coffee but the recipe can be easily divided into half, just use 1 vanilla pod and 2 cups / ½ kg of sugar instead.

I used golden caster sugar because I like it in my baking, regular white caster sugar can be used instead.

While baking with vanilla seeds do not discard pods, add them to the sugar jar to infuse it even more.

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