Gin & Coconut Water Drink – Caribbean Classic

This is classic Caribbean drink, exotic alternative to plain gin & tonic that it is not only healthier but also taste better, in my opinion.

As I’m not a big fan of gin (in any form) I only prepared this drink out of curiosity after my husband told me how they used to drink gin back home in Dominica… still spiced mojito is one of my favourite drinks.

gin coconut water drink recipe


  • tin / 330 ml of sweetened coconut water (chilled, without bits)
  • shot of gin / 25 ml
  • generous squeeze of lime juice / about 1 tbs
  • ice cubes to serve – optional
  • lime wedge for garnish – optional

how to make gin with coconut water


  1. Combine all of the ingredients and enjoy.
  2. Optionally serve with some ice cubes and lime wedge for garnish.

Makes 1 drink.


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If you are looking for other recipes calling for gin, check out Mabintu’s Spiced Apple Cocktail.

Please drink responsibly and don’t exceed recommended safe alcohol unit limits.

Your thoughts…

  1. A simple but effective drink that would be hard to say no to.

  2. I’m not a fan of gin but this drink is definitely more tasty than gin & tonic…

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