Polish Style Beer with Raspberry Syrup – Piwo z Sokiem Malinowym

I hardly ever drink beer but when I do it must be either warming up grzaniec – Polish mulled beer (during cold Winter months) or chilled with raspberry syrup like this one below.

This is traditional Polish way of drinking beer during Summer months… you will find it in all pubs, beer gardens and other venues across Poland.

In UK Polish beer and raspberry syrup can be easily found in Polish stores but also in most of the supermarkets.

beer polish style with juice with syrup


  • light beer (chilled)
  • raspberry syrup – to taste 

Polish beer recipe in English


  1. Pour chilled beer into a glass.
  2. Top with the syrup.
  3. Serve immediately with a stirrer.


Raspberry syrup can be substituted with cherry syrup.

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I’m submitting this recipe to the Inheritance Recipes challenge that we have just started together with Solange of Pebble Soup. This month theme is Cool Recipes so please come and join us, share your inherited Summer recipes!

traditional Polish recipes passed from generation to generation

Please drink responsibly and don’t exceed recommended safe alcohol unit limits.

Your thoughts…

  1. I’ve never heard of that but it really appeals to me. Trying that!

    Oh and thanks for linking to me :)

  2. Your powers of persuasion are high. Hubby is in Tesco as we speak buying Malina and Polish beer!

  3. So glad to hear that Jacqueline!!

    I should have posted it ages ago, had this in drafts since last summer, he he, photos are taken still in our London concrete garden before we moved to Brighton ;)

  4. Thanks for linking to me :-) I love the idea of this. I use a raspberry sirop ( which is a kind of raspberry vinegar made by a local producer in Wales) in lots of alcoholic drinks so I’m going to go and check out Tesco I think! X

  5. I really recommend this, Polish raspberry (malina / malinowy) syrup can be found in most UK supermarkets, there are different brands available, just to mention few: Lowicz, Herbapol or Paola.

  6. Had never thought about adding a syrup like this to beer but it looks awesome. Very refreshing idea

  7. I haven’t heard of this before, but it sounds like something my husband would love!

  8. I like the sound of raspberry syrup, I don’t drink so Beer is rare in my fridge.

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