Summer Kids’ Nail Art – Cherry Fingers & Watermelon Toes

This is second (just after red apples) favourite pattern my girls often ask for, especially the cherries…

Both patterns are super cute and will make fabulours Summer nail art. Kid’s nail art is also great as a birthday party activity, we were painting kids’ nails with cherries on my daughter’s 7th birthday picnic… it was a lots of fun.

fruity nail art for children


  • light colour nail polish for the base, I used pearl pastel green but light pink would work great as well
  • black nail art pen / nail art lacquer (nail polish with thinner brush)
  • deep pink nail polish, I used simmering one
  • green nail art pen / nail art lacquer, I used glittery one

nail art pens lacquers


for cherry fingers

  1. Paint all nails with base colour.
  2. Using black nail art pen draw lines for cherry stems.
  3. Make two dots for the cherries.
  4. Finish with a stroke of green for the leaves.

cherries cherry nail art for children

for watermelon toes

  1. Paint all toes with base colour.
  2. On the top of each toe draw about half a circle with pink nail polish.
  3. Highlight edge of half a circles with green nail art pen for the watermelon peel.
  4. Cover pink bits with little black strokes for the watermelon pips.

nail art for children watermelon toes


My little one (one and half now) wanted to take part in the photo shot as well and showed her sandy foot for the pictures.

cute little baby feet

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Your thoughts…

  1. Hi Margot..!
    Nice sharing. Nail paint is an amazing art. Agree with you Kid’s nail art  is great as a birthday party activity. Kids will be happy :)

  2. So cute!! And I love those little baby feet at the end of the post :) That was my favorite part of my kids when they were little, cute little feet! 

  3. Oh, thank you for the comments.
    @ Amanda – Yes, that is so true. I’m in love with my daughter’s cute little toes ;)

  4. Amazing designs! Love the cherries!

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