Fruity Summer Nail Art for Kids – Red Apple

This is quite simple yet very cute pattern that both of my girls love and often ask me to do it for them.

kids' red apple nail-art


  • light colour nail polish for the base, I used pearl pastel green
  • black nail art pen / nail art lacquer (nail polish with thinner brush)
  • red / deep orange nail polish, I used simmering one
  • green nail art pen / nail art lacquer, I used glittery one
  • light pink  or white nail art pen / nail art lacquer

nail art materials Art Drco L.A. Colors APN BF


  1. Paint all nails with base colour.
  2. Draw apples (heart like shapes) with two strokes of red nail polish.
  3. Using black nail art pen draw short lines, for apple stems.
  4. With light pink nail art pen make moon shaped stroke on each apple, for shine.
  5. Finish with a stroke of green for the leaves.

fruity nail art for children apple


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  1. familyfourfun says:

    My daughter would LOVE these..!

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