Classic Two Tone Poncho – Crochet Pattern

This is very simple crochet poncho that I made for myself an uses mostly trebles that are my favourite of stitches because they can be worked almost without looking while watching movies…

Treble stitches here can be replaced here with even taller double treble crochet stitches.

two tone crochet poncho crochet cape


about 450 – 500 g DK yarn (I used acrylic one to be able to wash my poncho in washing machine)


black and gray crochet poncho


Please note that names of the stitches in UK & US vary, this is UK pattern, click through for crochet stitches conversion chart.

stitches used: chain (ch), double crochet (dc), half treble crochet (htr), triple crochet / treble (tr), slip stitch (ss)


  • multiply of 2 ch + 1 ch (I stared with 100 ch + 1 ch base)
  • connect two ends of the chain with  ss


  • This is the most important part, counting stitches is crucial, otherwise poncho won’t be even. The beginning will be place where all rows will be connected, therefore we need to start half way in between corners, not on the edge.
  • Work 3 ch instead of first tr and then continue with 19 more tr into each chain of the base.
  • Then work 4 ch to create the corner and 50 tr into each chain of the base.
  • Again 4 ch for the corner and then remaining 30 tr.
  • Finish the round with ss to close the round, do not cut the yarn.


  • Start with a new colour the same way like in the previous row (tie ends of both colours together on the back of the poncho), starting with 3 ch for the first tr and then continue with tr in between stitches from the previous row.
  • Once you will reach the corner chains work 2 tr into the chains of the base, 4 extra ch to create a new corner and again 2 tr into the chain base.
  • Continue like this for as many rounds as it is needed to make poncho long enough.

LAST ROUND (the most time consuming)

  • Work 2 ch for first htr and then htr all the way around poncho, even the corners.
  • Cut pieces of the yarn and tie into every second htr stitch, I tied 2 pieces of yarn (both colours) into each of them – use larger crochet hook to pull the yarn through the holes.


I finished the poncho with scallop pattern around the neck.

  • First row: work 2 ch and then htr around the neck without creating the corners again.
  • Second row: work 1 dc 2 htr 1 dc into every second stitch to create the scallops.


If you are making poncho from one colour you can decorate it with some flowers or other little embellishments.

If you are using more than 2 – 3 colours you may need to cut the yarn and attach new colour each row not to get tangled.

More crochet poncho patterns.

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Your thoughts…

  1. Hi,

    Thank you for posting this pattern. I’m struggling with round 2. Are you supposed to work a stitch in between the first stitch of the chain four (from round 1) en the stitch before that stitch? Otherwise I end up with one stitch too few every round. I hope this makes any sense.

  2. Hello, I am struggling with the foundation chain. What do you mean when you say

    multiply of 2 ch + 1 ch (I stared with 100 ch + 1 ch base

    Do I start with 100 chain stitches?

  3. Hi Brandy, yes, I made my poncho starting with 100 ch in the base + 1 extra stitch for connecting, it is quite big, wide poncho. If you want it smaller start it with other amount of stitches, just make sure they are multiply of 2, you need even number of stitches to be able to add the corners later on.

  4. Hi! I am a beginner and have some difficulty understanding patterns. On the first row I do 19 treble crochets and the rest are double crochets and then the consecutive rows I continue with 19 treble, 4 chs, 50 double, 4 chs, and 30 double, is that right? And how will the poncho get wider for the lower parts? Your Poncho looks really lovely and I’d love to try it out.

  5. Hi L, apologies for the confusion due to different names of the same stitches in UK and US, I updated the pattern hopefully making it a bit easier to understand. I posted also UK to US conversion chart:
    It is all mostly trebles, the poncho gets wider because each time you reach corner you add extra stitches like there, please take a look:

  6. Thank you for the pattern. I have been looking for a simple, quick pattern.

  7. I’m glad to hear this Sande.

  8. Hi Margot, I am a beginner so have no idea about sizing . I’d like to make this for a U.K. Size 22 person, how many do I start with ?
    Thank you so much!
    This project seems so daunting but I am determined. I wish there was a video tutorial. I’m a visual learner.

  9. I’m not really sure Twinkle. I suspect this poncho would be good for size 22 as well, I’m size 16 and it is very loose and it has wide opening on the top. I think the height matters here more, to make it long enough.

    I’m sorry but there we don’t have video tutorials on our blog at the moment, maybe sometime in future when the time will allow us.

  10. Jodes Mcgarry says:

    Could you please explain to me what “work three ch” means in thebase round of the pattern? I’m not sure if our terminology is different because I’m from US? Then you begin treble stitch in what chain number from the hook for the next 19 stitches? I’m confused as to how the corners are formed also. Could you straighten me out please? Thank you, jodie

  11. Hi Jodes,

    It has been long time since I posted this pattern but I’m guessing it is the 3 chain instead of the first treble. Then you work treble into each chain in the base, starting from the first one.

    To make the corners this post with close-up image may be of help:

    UK / US conversion maybe come handy as well:

    1. Jodes Mcgarry says:

      Thank you for the clarification. Much appreciated! Jodie

  12. Margot
    Many thanks for the poncho patterns. I started crocheting last year and made a blanket, then moved on to sort toys now thanks to your patterns I am making ponchos for the Renal Unit at Treliske Hospital,where my late husband received dialysis. Have made 3so far and starting number4 (firstborn did actually go to a friend who wears it while having chemotherapy).Thanks again

  13. Apologies for the typing errors, this tablet has a mind of its own and what I think I have typed is sometimes changed!

  14. Margot
    Many thanks for the poncho patterns. I started crocheting last year and made a blanket, then moved on to soft toys. Now thanks to your patterns I am making ponchos for the Renal Unit at Treliske Hospital,where my late husband received dialysis.The patients Have to sit for 4 or so hours and often feel cold as they can not wear a long sleeved garment on their fistula arm. Ponchos are ideal as they can be easily moved out of the way. Have made 3 so far and starting number 4 (first did actually go to a friend who wears it while having chemotherapy as the same applies).Thanks again

  15. Hey Margot, from Brighton eh? I was last over there the mid 1980’s. We have some very fond memories of that summer. Thanks for the pattern, I was looking for something simple for a newbie like me. This seems ideal, wish me luck!

  16. Thanks, good luck! :)

  17. Sheryl Hamilton says:

    Thank you so much for this pattern. Looks like what I want to make.

  18. love this pattern , just wondering what the final measurement is for the one you made. the point reaches my knees ,but the shoulder part is half way down my arm. thank you ahead for any help

  19. Hi Michelle, I’m not sure at the moment, it has been a couple of years ago, but it wasn’t too short on my arms and the point reached around my knees.

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