DIY Felt Brooches for Moms, Aunties & Grannies – Christmas Gift Ideas

DIY felt gifts


  • few varied size felt circles
  • pieces of craft yarn
  • thread & needle
  • buttons or beads
  • brooch fastenings

how to felt yarn button brooches


1. First make flowers out yarn: wrap it around your fingers, tighten the loops on one side and then spread to shape the flower.

felt brooches tutorial

2. Place first flower on the biggest felt circle and sew it together in the centre.

3. Top with another (smaller) circle and second yarn flower and sew together through all layers. You can add more layers of felt or yarn, it is up to you. The last layer does not have to be felt.

4. Finish the brooch with a button or bead, putting the thread through all the layers to the bottom and connect the brooch fastening.

brooch in sea colors green blue brown

diy felt thread button brooches


I made those brooches during Friday’s textile class I attend that is run by Lorraine & Reba, more ideas can be found here.

If you can’t get ready felt you can always make your own (from the wool) – step by step tutorial coming soon.

My husband absolutely hates those brooches, he told me they look like a pile of rubbish.

Your thoughts…

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