DIY Seaside Themed Aged Box Frame

Since before we have moved to Brighton my older daughter and I were planing to make our bathroom in aqua with sandy gold details (all of our dream house colour themes can be found in this post).

shadow box box frame ideas

I have even found teal box frame in the charity shop, that would be perfect for this, but the lining (sponge) inside was all rotten an the frame had too many kitsch elements to my liking so I have decided to clean it, age it and fill my own way.

easy wood ageing method


  • shadow box / box frame with compartments
  • water based / acrylic paints (I used metallic gold and copper)
  • cardboard for the background (I used piece of paper folder)
  • pieces of Styrofoam
  • shells, stones or other small items to place in the compartments

painting old wooden box frame


  • glue gun
  • piece of sandpaper
  • paint brushes

metallic hobby paints from Tiger store


  1. If you are starting with brand new box frame just open it and paint with desired colours.
  2. Optionally paint also the dividers (I have painted mine with gold paint).
  3. Once frame is completely dry sand it and rub in lighter paint (I used my hands to do it rather than brush not to leave visible stokes.)
  4. Optionally paint also some of the shells, porous, rough shells will be the best for this.
  5. Line the frame with cardboard, place back the dividers and fill the compartments with treasures.
  6. Glue them onto the lining, if the shells have plenty of empty space glue first pieces of Styrofoam inside the shells before connecting them to the cardboard.
  7. Replace the glass, screw the frame back and voilà, your box is ready to hang on the wall.

seashore box frame


Additionally you can also varnish the frame before putting it back together, to make it last longer.

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