Wooden Bead Doll Bracelet with a Sliding Knot

This idea has been inspired by multiple photos I came across on Pinterest while packing our crafty countdown calendar sets.

Everyone seems to be making those little dollies nowadays but I found this tutorial from Pysselbolaget the most helpful.

Bead doll bracelets are extremely cute and easy to make and if you paint doll face vertically on the bead you can make necklace pendant instead of bracelet.

Messy hair on the doll are done on purpose… my 5 year old wanted it to look like her ;)

wooden bead dolly bracelet


  • wooden beads (unpainted beads would work better but we did not have any on hand)
  • cord
  • acrylic paints
  • acrylic varnish (or clear nail polish)


  • skewer
  • paint brushes
  • thin black permanent marker

wooden bead bracelet with sliding knot doll face bracelet pendant necklace


  1. First thread beads on a skewer and paint to your liking. Use marker for the eyes and smile, back of the brush to make dots on the chicks and paintbrush to draw the hair.
  2. Once the beads are dry, varnish them and leave aside to dry once again.
  3. Thread beads on the cord and make a sliding knot, to do so best follow this tutorial on YouTube (videos seem to be explaining those things better).


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  1. What a darling little necklace you made! I’m so glad to hear you found our tutorial helpful.

    All the best from Sweden

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