Classic Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe for the Valentine’s Day

If you celebrate Valentine’s Day there are many ways you can do it: go to the movies or theater, recreate first date, visit place you have met, go out for dinner, do some classes together: pottery, cooking masterclass, chocolate making, go for romantic short break together, even if it is a night in a hotel in your city or have a romantic evening at home.

Whatever you do there is one thing you absolutely must remember, especially if your partner is a woman, make sure to make it a memorable day as Valentine’s Day is a big deal… for most of us.

In case you are staying at home like us, or will continue evening at home, Valentine’s may be a good excuse to try new drink instead of plain pint of lager or glass of wine.  We will be having this strawberry daiquiri that we found on thebar website.

best strawberry daiquiri cocktail recipe

The reason for this is the fact that my husband and I we met (working) on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. Strawberry daiquiri was one of the most popular drinks among passengers on board but to be honest I don’t think we ever tried it despite the fact that we tested almost any possible spiced rum concoction during our ship days.

When I think of the Caribbean and rum, pineapple or coconut come to my mind first, not strawberries but you would be surprised how well those two go together and thanks to the beautiful red colour and fragrant strawberries, daiquiri makes perfect Valentine’s Day drink.

strawberry daiquiri cocktail recipe

The Strawberry Daiquiri recipe has been adapted from thebar where you can find handy calculator showing the exact amount of ingredients depending on how many drinks you are making.


  • 100 ml spiced rum (we used Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold)
  • 50 ml fresh squeezed lime juice
  • 50 ml sugar syrup
  • 6 strawberries (chopped)
  • ice cubes

for garnish

  • extra strawberries
  • lime slices or wedges
  • cocktail picks


  • 2 martini glasses
  • cocktail shaker with strainer or blender
  • jigger or other measuring tool

strawberry daiquiri recipe


cocktail shaker method

  1. Fill your shaker ¾ full with ice cubes.
  2. Add half of the rum, half of the sugar syrup, half of the lime juice and 3 chopped strawberries.
  3. Shake vigorously for 10 seconds until cold.
  4. Strain into a martini glass and garnish.
  5. Refill shaker with ice cubes and add rest of the ingredients and repeat to make second drink.

blender method

  1. Place all of the ingredients for both drinks in the blender.
  2. Add also about 12 cubes / whole standard tray.
  3. Blend, share to the glasses, garnish and enjoy.

Makes 2 drinks.

how to make strawberry daiquiri


To make sugar syrup dissolve in boiling water as much sugar (we used demerara) as possible until crystals are not melting any more, leave aside to cool down.

Classic strawberry daiquiri is a drink served in martini glass while frozen strawberry daiquiri is served in hurricane glass where much more ice is added and the whole thing is crushed in the blender.

Spiced rum can be replaced with white rum.


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Please drink responsibly and don’t exceed recommended safe alcohol unit limits.

Your thoughts…

  1. This drink looks and sounds gorgeous Margot, the strawberries look like love hearts too:-) Thanks for linking to my mocktail:-)

  2. Thank you Camilla, I did not notice it before but yes, they do! :)

  3. Daiquiris are one of my faves. Beautiful photography xx

  4. Thank you Emily! For some reason I always ignored daiquiris… it was always either mojito or rum and coke… but not any more, it is one of our favourite cocktails now.

  5. Beautiful pictures! I love daiquiri and Captain Morgan Spiced rum is my favourite rum so I will definitely be trying this! :)

  6. Yes, definitely do give it a try… I can guarantee you will love it :)

  7. Yummy! I love daquiris and the colour makes these look super romantic too.

  8. The secret lies in ripe strawberries :)

  9. Oh this sounds absolutely fantastic! Such a beautiful colour too!

  10. Thank you Elizabeth!! :)

  11. What a beautiful looking cocktail… I bet it tastes divine!!!! I’d love my husband to mix us up a couple of these at the weekend… think i’ll send him the link as a little hint ;-)

  12. This is such a great idea! I often send hint links to my husband, often via Twitter… to make sure he will see it ;)

  13. Thank you Margot for sharing this! As it’s valentines day I might just have to give this a go and try to impress my special someone :)

  14. Yes, please give it a try and let us know your verdict. We think it tastes delicious! :)

  15. Jessica Cole says:

    I like daiquiris a lot, but actually more when it’s frozen :)

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