Most of the time we are happy to blog about samples sent to us, visit venues or test products as long as they are related to our blog theme however we do not work for free. Taking & editing photos, testing or developing recipes, writing featured articles, organizing competitions do take valuable time so we can’t afford spending it on advertising campaigns with “no budget”.

Our prices start at £160 per article / day of work, except for reviews and Tried & Tested round-ups where minimum sample policy is £20 worth of products (value of 1 hour work).

We do not trade “follow” links or publish pre-written content (guest posts), infographics or undisclosed sponsored articles.

Available options

  • SPONSORED POSTS (fees apply)
  • VENUES & EVENT COVERAGE (fees + travel expenses apply)
  • GIVEAWAYS (fees apply + identical item as the giveaway prize for review purposes)
  • IMAGE LICENCING (fees apply)
  • CONTENT LICENCING (fees apply)

Important Notes

    By default for all sponsored articles commissioned to be posted on Coffee & Vanilla website client is free to use associated images on social media to promote the post only where direct link to our website is included.
    Unless agreed otherwise we keep the copyrights for both text and images so if you would like to use them on your / your client website, purchase additional licence or obtain print size files, please discuss possibilities, terms and pricing with us beforehand. Licensing prices start at £50 per event image (non-exclusive, non-transferable, single use, digital only licence). Licensing of styled recipe and craft shots and print files is also available.
    Pursuing Google™ guidelines all requested, paid or sponsored links will be “nofollow”. Links within articles will stay up for as long as the post is live but we may remove any urls earlier (along with associated articles) if they become invalid or change the content.
    We retain full editorial control of all pieces on Coffee & Vanilla website. Any coverage will be our honest opinion and all free product, affiliated links or sponsored posts will be clearly disclosed as such to comply with ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) rules. Also sponsored social media mentions will be marked as #ad or #sp.
    In case of groceries and craft materials sufficient amount must be provided for testing, experimenting and photography purposes. Please supply details of the products, retailers, RRP, website and social media handles if applicable.
    Larger / more valuable products will be reviewed on their own while smaller / less valuable ones will be included in Tried & Tested round-up at the end of the month. Please note that taking and editing photographs and writing reviews do take time and effort so we won’t be spending it on insufficient amounts of samples below £20 (value of 1 hour work).
    Local restaurants will be considered for being reviewed on the blog only for meals worth £60+ (value of 3 hour work).
    We do not use brand’s product shots in our reviews, instead we photograph items that we actually got to try and test ourselves so please, make sure the packaging is undamaged as it will look better in the pictures.
    Only paid for articles are published on specific, agreed beforehand dates. Immediate coverage is available at extra cost. Reviews and other free features are usually posted within a month of receiving the product(s) but this may vary as we are trying to publish reviews in the best time to match the seasonal trends. Please note that samples sent for reviews are for consideration only and we do not guarantee the coverage.

We do not…

  • publish ready content on our site,
  • accept money or any other incentive for positive reviews,
  • trade “follow” links, asking us to alter link attribute may result in material being completely removed from the site,
  • send reviews for approval before publishing (they are our own, unbiased opinions),
  • review products we haven’t got a chance to try ourselves – from images (even if they are very high resolution),
  • advertise products and services for free,
  • accept exposure as a valid payment method,
  • visit non-local venues & events unless we are reimbursed for our time and travel,
  • exchange links with neither commercial or non-commercial websites,
  • review ground nut products due to peanut allergy,
  • accept for reviews cosmetics and household products containing MI (methylisothiazolinone), Quaternium 15 (formaldehyde) or any other harmful chemicals.


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We have also another blog for with more technical reviews – 416 Studios Journal that has 11,4 K unique visitors and 14.1 K page views per month.

Please do not hesitate to request media kit,  rate card with full list of services and pricing or take a look at work we have done previously.

Alternatively you can also contact us at margot (at) Please note, we won’t reply to business queries sent from anonymous email addresses such as Gmail, Hotmail, Ymail etc.

Thank you, Margot & Michael