Basic Crochet Stitches – UK & US Conversion Chart

I’ve been crocheting since primary school when I made my pencil case during DIY classes and I was very proud of it… now due to limited time I mostly crochet little things for the house and dolls’ clothes but made couple of ponchos and scarves as well.

Despite knowing how to crochet I’m not very good with English names of the stitches… so imagine my confusion when I realized that different books and websites call identical stitches by various names, just to find out that the very same stitches in UK and US are named differently (!)

crochet stitches UK USA conversions chart basic stitches explained

Above, quick crochet stitch conversion chart. Hopefully you will find it useful in understanding and using both UK and US crochet patterns.

Below, basic crochet stitches with both UK and US names, abbreviations, symbols, hight and turning stitches required.

basic crochet stitches how to crochet tutorial

UK chain (ch) = US chain (ch)

is slip stitch single crochet UK single crochet US slip stitch

UK slip stitch / single crochet (ss / sl st / sc) = US slip stitch (ss / sl st)

is double crochet the same as single UK double crochet US single crochet

UK double crochet (dc) = US single crochet (sc)

uk double crochet equals us single crochet

UK double crochet (dc) = US single crochet (sc)

is half treble half double crochet UK and US crochet stitches conversion chart

UK half treble (htr) = US half double crochet (hdc)

difference between US and UK crochet stitches

UK half treble (htr) = US half double crochet (hdc)

what is treble crochet triple crochet US double crochet

UK treble / triple crochet (tr) = US double crochet (dc)

double treble crochet in UK triple crochet in US

UK double treble (dtr) = US treble / triple crochet (tr)

is UK triple treble the same as US double treble

UK triple treble (ttr) = US double treble (dtr)

uk us stitches with abbreviations

UK puff stitch (puff st) = US puff stitch (puff st)


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Your thoughts…

  1. Brilliant! Thank you. Have been struggling for two days.

  2. Glad it came Handy Zoe! :)

  3. Thank you for the patterns.I have struggled to find a poncho pattern anywhere and I wanted to crochet ponchos for people who are undergoing heamodialysis as my late husband did or chemotherapy like a friend of mine. My dear husband was often cold but could not wear a sleeved top as the fistula in his arm needed to to be accessible all the time he was dialising. I have given my friend my first effort and she is over the moon, she spends hours with lines attached to her arm that Have to be accessible. Just finished my second and will be dropping it off at the hospital for anyone who feels they need it. Think I have just found myself a full time ocupation!!!

    1. Thank you Marie, I’m glad that the poncho patterns on the blog are useful. It has been a while since I made them. I’m sure the spare poncho will come very handy in the hospital, such a great idea!

  4. Thank you for this explanation.
    I use the UK pattern stitches. I love to be able to do a US pattern when I find one I really like.

    1. Hi Judy, I’m happy to hear the conversion chart serves the purpose! :)

  5. Hi could you tell me how to do a mushroom st in single crochet from UK pattern I would greatly appreciate your help
    Thank you for your time

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