Which oil to use?

Carotino and other good oils

For a long time I’ve been using olive oil for salads and stir frying, and corn or rapeseed oil for deep frying… as they have not so strong smell as for example sunflower oil (which I hate).

I use also grape seed oil that is good for short frying and salads as well.

Recently I discovered Carotino (red palm and canola oil)… it is good for salads, baking, roasting, stir frying or even deep frying as they say. And it is rich in vitamins and Omega 3 oils plus cholesterol and GM free. It adds orangey colour to the dishes as well.
To find out more about this oil visit Carotino website.

Similar, very versatile and with little scent is rice bran oil which I also like to use.

For baking I find sweet almond or hazelnut oils the best… it does not have any strong taste or smell and it gives cake nutty fragrance.

A while ago I was testing oils from Cooks&Co, you can read more about the whole range of Cooks&Co oils here.

If you know of any other good oils please leave a comment…

Your thoughts…

  1. flaxseed oil is really good for salads if you’re interested in an oil with lots of omega-3 content. great website, by the way, love the recipes.

  2. Liz – Great, thank you for the info.
    I will definitely look for it.

  3. Thanks for the info about Carotino oil. I had never heard about it before. I was attracted to your post by the picture of the delicious granola. Just wondering, are the oats from a special source or would supermarket oats in a box work ok?

  4. Cristie,
    Thank you for your message, Carotino oil is great because it adds nice colour except being tasty and healthy.
    Oats I used in Acacia Honey and Almond Granola:
    were plain rolled oats from supermarket.
    Some of them are more fine than others… I prefer those chunky ones ;)

  5. Hello !

    Hazelnut oil gives a delicious delicate nutty flavour to salads and walnut oil is also great to season salads with walnuts and blue cheese. They should not be used for frying though.

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