New Range of Oils from Cooks&Co

Cooks&Co oils

Let me introduce to you a new range of oils from Cooks&Co, one of the UK’s leading importers and distributors of fine foods.

  • Virgin Sesame Oil (available in 250ml or 500ml bottles)
    recommended for salad dressings, vinaigrettes, stir fry dishes but also roasted carrots
  • Walnut Infused Oil (available in 250ml or 500ml bottles)
    mild nutty flavour, delicious in salads, cakes, cookies
  • Hazelnut Oil (available in 250ml bottle)
    another nutty oil, perfect for use in salads, cakes, cookies or pancakes
  • Roasted Peanut Oil (available in 250ml bottle)
    excellent in dressings and dips
  • Grapeseed Oil (available in 500ml bottle)
    very versatile, can be used for all types of cooking or baking
  • Olive Oil with Chillies (available in 250ml bottle)
    add a kick to pasta, dressings, grilled meats or roasted veggies

range of Cooks&Co oils

I haven’t got a chance to try them all yet but couple of days ago I made orange pancakes using Hazelnut Oil, which is great. It does not have unpleasant flavour or scent like many other oils, even when used to fry pancakes.

grilled veggies and pancakes with Cook&Co oil

Olive Oil with Chillies is ideal for grilling veggies, I tried it with roasted courgettes and they turned out perfect, chilli oil added whole lots of flavour to this simple dish.

olive oil with chillies

Everyone knows that Virgin Sesame Oil is great for stir fries but I decided to use it differently, to roast carrots which I glazed later with ginger honey, the dish turned out to be a big hit in our family, everyone enjoyed it so much I had to make it again and again.

roasted sesame ginger honey carrots

I used Grapeseed Oil already many times in everyday cooking but this weekend I tested it also in baking. I made tuna pies using the oil in the base and from leftover dough I shaped some yeast teddy buns for kid’s lunchboxes. I must say that absolutely love this oil as it has very discrete aroma so it can be used almost for anything.

baked goodies with Cooks&Co oil

With thanks to Simon from StandFirst and Cooks&Co for the complementary samples.

More info on all kind of oils can be found here.

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