Snowflake Decorations Made of Beads

Those quick and easy Winter decorations can be made in 30 minutes or less and they are so much fun. They will make great Christmas tree decoration or even handmade gift for close ones.

Hama bead snowflakes DIY Snowflake Christmas Tree Decorations

Pictured above box (and snowflakes) has been made by my daughter for her grandparents. The box is made out of recycled wooden camembert cheese container with gift wrap glued onto it.

Christmas children's crafts Ikea Bead Snowflakes

Christmas crafts for kids Bead Snowflakes for the Xmas Tree


  • midi Hama beads or Ikea beads
  • thread pieces

Christmas Hama bead patterns Hama Bead Pattern Snowflake

Hama bead snowflake pattern


  • iron
  • ironing paper
  • round & star shaped bead bases

free bead patterns Midi Bead Pattern Snowflake


  1. To make Christmas tree decorations arrange beads on the base, then run piece of thread through one of the beads before ironing.
  2. Iron on highest setting through ironing paper.
  3. First one side, then remove from the board and iron again through the paper.
  4. Top with some heavy flat object (like a book) until completely cooled down, otherwise decoration can lose the shape.

home made Christmas decorations DIY Christmas Tree Decorations


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  1. Great ornaments! I’ll have to make some with my kids.

    And I’ve featured your idea on my blogpost for tomorrow ;) Hope that’s ok.

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