How to Make Granny Square with Puff Stitch Circles




Please note that names of the stitches in UK & US vary, this is UK pattern, click through for crochet stitches conversion chart.

abbreviations used: chain (ch), double crochet (dc), slip stitch (ss), puff stitch (puff st), triple crochet / treble (tr), yarn over (yo)

granny square free crochet pattern how to make puff stitch creating puff stitch


Start with 6 ch, close the chain with ss to create a circle.


  • To start the new round work 1 ch as 1 dc and then 15 more dc stitches, close round with ss.
  • Connect another colour and work puff st into each dc from previous round. Close the round with ss.

To create puff st – yo, insert the hook into foundation stitch, yo draw up a loop, repeat 3 times into the same foundation stitch, the last time draw the yarn though all 7 loops on a hook, finish with ch 1. You can also make the puff even more puffy creating loops 4 instead of 3 times.


  • Change colour of the yarn.
  • Work puff st into each space between puff stitches from the previous round.

how to turn crochet circle to square step-by-step granny square crochet tutorial


  • Connect another colour and work 3 ch as 1 tr and 2 more tr into one of the spaces between puff stitches from the previous round, ch 1 and again 3 tr into another space. Repeat until you have 3 clusters of 3 dc.
  • To make a corner work 3 tr 2 ch 3 tr into one space.
  • Work 1 ch and again 3 clusters of 3 tr until you will reach another corner.
  • Close the round with ss.


  • Repeat round 3 as many times as you need to achieve required size of the square.


I used this granny square pattern to create pillow case for my daughter.

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