Crochet Granny Square Pillowcase with Puff Stitches


leftover colourful pieces of yarn to make 2 large granny squares (I used pattern for this granny square)


crochet hook (I used 4 mm one)

puff stitch circles granny square crochet pillowcase pattern


Please note that names of the stitches in UK & US vary, this is UK pattern, click through for crochet stitches conversion chart.

stitches used: chain (ch), double crochet (dc), slip stitch (ss), puff stitch (puff st), triple crochet / treble (tr)

  1. Make two granny squares, large enough to cover the whole side of your pillow.
  2. Connect two squares working dc around the edge. Leave out one of the sides almost completely open with sc only around the corners.
  3. To make the tying frills connect yarn and then work about 20 ch in two places along both sides of the opening (4 chains all together).

granny square pillow case


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