Another Classic Crochet Poncho Pattern – Junior Size

My 8 year old daughter Marissa was my model to photograph the poncho but it wasn’t made for her but her 9 year old best friend Aleksandra who is taller, has beautiful, long golden hair and looks even better in those colours.

Marissa’s pink, purple and orange poncho is here.

The pattern is based on classic granny squares with triple crochet clusters.

how to crochet a poncho free pattern


about 450 g DK yarn (I used my favourite King Cole’s Pricewise DK 100% acrylic yarn in 3 colours: gold, grass and mauve, 2 x 100 g balls of each)



Please note that names of the stitches in UK & US vary, this is UK pattern, click through for crochet stitches conversion chart.

stitches used: chain (ch), double crochet (dc), treble / triple crochet (tr), half treble (htr) , slip stitch (ss)


  • multiply of 3 ch times 2 + 1 ch (I stared with 78 ch + 1 ch base)
  • connect two ends of the chain with  ss


  • This is the most important part, counting stitches is crucial, otherwise poncho won’t be even. The beginning will be place where all rows will be connected, therefore we need to start half way in between corners, not on the edge.
  • Work 3 ch instead of first tr and then continue with 2 more tr into chain of the base, 1 ch, 3 tr, 1 ch, 3 tr etc. Once you have 6 clusters of tr work the corner adding 2 ch instead of 1 (mark it with marker or safety pin).
  • Work 13 groups of 3 tr with 1 ch in between.
  • Create another corner adding 2 ch instead of 1 ch and mark it.
  • Work the last 7 clusters of 3 tr (previous 6 + 7 will make 13 clusters).
  • Finish the round with ss into 3 ch of the first tr, cut the yarn but leave generous bit for finishing it off properly later on.


  • Connect new yarn and work groups of 3 tr with 1 ch in between.
  • Starting with 3 ch for the first tr and 2 more tr in between groups of 3 tr from the previous round, 1 ch and again 3 tr.
  • Once you will reach the corner work 3 tr, 2 ch, 3 tr and then again 3 tr into spaces between groups of 3 tr.
  • Continue like this for as many rounds as it is needed to make poncho long enough.

I worked 2 rows of each colour (yellow, green, purple) before starting the new colour and finished on purple yarn

crochet poncho tutorial junior poncho in granny square pattern

LAST ROUND (the most time consuming)

  • Work 2 ch for first htr and then htr all the way around poncho, even the corners. I used yellow yarn for this.
  • Cut pieces of the yarn and tie into every second dc stitch, I tied 4 pieces of yarn into every second stitch (2 yellows, 1 purple, 1 green thread) into each of them – use larger crochet hook to pull the yarn through the holes.


Using yellow yarn I finished the poncho with scallop pattern around the neck and then chain with pom-poms as this is child poncho and I needed possibility of adjusting the size.

  • First row: work 2 ch and then htr around the neck without creating the corners again.
  • Second row: work 1 dc 2 htr 1 dc into every second stitch to create the scallops.

Make chain long enough to be tied into bow, thread it into the scalloped neck finish.

Create two pom-poms and attach them to the ends of the chain. I used in majority yellow with bits of green and purple for the pompoms.


If you are using more than 2 colours you may need to cut the yarn and attach new colour each row not to get tangled.

More crochet poncho patterns can be found here.

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Your thoughts…

  1. Love this and want to make it for my daughter. I know I must be doing something silly wrong in. Round 1, but I’m stumped… I chained 78 + 1, then when I work the triples and for the 6 groups, 13 groups and 7 groups, I still have a bunch of the chain left over… That should not be, correct. Is 1 group considered 1 triple and 1 chain???? Any advice would be helpful! Thank u!!!

  2. Hi Christina,

    Work dc (double crochet) into each chain of the base, 3 dc 1 chain in between and then again 3 dc. Once you have 6 groups of 3 dc make the corner adding 2 chains instead of 1, then work the 13 sets of dc with 1 chain in between each set. Finally make second corner and remaining 7 groups… 26 groups of 3 = 78 stitches of the base… hope it make sense? Mark the corners as on the beginning they are hardly visible.

  3. The poncho is beautiful – Love the colors. Thank you Dear for sharing…Kind Regards, Ada.

  4. Helen Gow says:

    I love this poncho I made my daughter and her friends ponchos in the 1960s. That pattern has long disappeared and this one is the nearest that I can find. Now about to start sorting out colours to make ponchos for my 5 great granddaughters aged from 16 months to almost 11 years. Thank you very much I’m delighted.

  5. Mellissa H Fuller says:

    Can you give some guidance as to size. My grand niece wants a poncho. She is 11 – do you think this will fit her. She might be a little taller than normal but is very slender. I made her a hoodie last winter and it barely fit her. I figured a poncho would be a bit more forgiving size-wise.

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