WWII Evacuee Outfit for Kids

kids children WW2 dress up school history WWII Evacuee Outfit with Gas Mask Box & Ration Booklet

My older daughter is in year 5 and currently they are learning about WWII, she was asked to dress up as an evacuee for the school trip to the Newhaven Fort


It took me only one trip to the charity shops and I was able to collect all necessary items (in quite good condition and quality) for about £7 all together. The clothes did not even need any amendments, only a wash. Another plus is that they will definitely be used again, especially the sparkly short pants…


We have added a button to the jute bag to keep all of the evacuee belongings safe & sound (except for the ration book and teddy, she has used the “suitcase” to carry her lunch box and rain jacket).

WWII dress up play outfit costume WW2 kids school children

The booklet has been made out of regular white paper, stained with wet tea bag. When it got completely dry my daughter stamped it with postal stamp set we had on hand, she has also used stencil for the name tags.

ww2 wwII ration book booklet rations DIY replica school kids children

DIY Evacuee Outfit

  • no brand / made in France wool cap (charity shop)
  • GAP wool shorts (charity shop)
  • navy Primark corduroy jacket (charity shop)
  • grey tights (on hand)
  • black Kickers high boots (on hand)
  • white collar shirt (on hand)
  • gas mask box made of small cardboard box and some string
  • M&S grey jute bag (£3.50) – as an old fashioned suitcase but larger cardboard box with added handles would be fine as well
  • id tags made of pieces of cardboard and string, then stamped / stenciled by my daughter
  • ration booklet made out of white paper stained with wet tea bag
  • traditional teddy bear as an evacuee toy (on hand)


Your thoughts…

  1. Takes me back to when my two were this age and did WW2. They had to keep a diary (wrapped in brown paper of course) from the point of view of an evacuee.

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