Our Escape from London… to Brighton

Christmas decorations in London

This blog has been very quiet for a while but I have very good excuse for that… over the holidays, after almost 10 years, we have moved out from London for good. Personally I have always wanted to move to the seaside, Bournemouth was our first target but we were unsuccessful in finding place there, then we tried Worthing that turned out not to be right for us as well and finally we ended up choosing Brighton because of it’s multicultural community and good connection with London in case we would have to commute.

Brighton stormy weather

To be honest our move did not went quite as expected…

Our moving van has cancelled on us in the last moment on the day and we had to desperately look for new van (who charged us triple) as we had already coach tickets and internet installation arranged on the same day. We did not make it on time of course and were left without internet for the next week or so… Far away from central Brighton, without a car, in horrible rain that has never stopped since we came to Brighton, and no chance for order anything on-line because even our mobile internet was not working, phone reception is very bad in the area where we live, on the top of the hill.

Like it wouldn’t be enough we haven’t got place in primary school on our street and it looks like we will have to walk to different school that is about 40 minutes away, on the other side of highway.  Yet another thing we did not take into consideration!

Nevertheless this quite tough beginning I do not regret moving to Brighton, which is truly beautiful town, with lots of things to do and see… when it is not raining. From our street we have view on almost entire Brighton. There is also amazing wind mill nearby (photos soon). We are planning visit to Sea Life tomorrow so I will post some images, hopefully more sunny, shortly.

moving to Brighton pros and cons


More things to see in Brighton.

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Your thoughts…

  1. London by the sea. Brighton is beautiful.

    All the best with the move.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. So sorry that it went horribly.

    You’ll be comforted though – Brighton is such a BEAUTIFUL place. I’ve been there twice and its soooooo on my list of places to move to :)

    I hope you’re finding things better – with school and everything else.

    Stay well and best wishes for 2014.

  3. Oh no Margot – that sounds like a complete nightmare :( Being without the internet for a couple of weeks sounds like my idea of torture – and as you say, you can’t even do simple things like order groceries, which we take for granted. I really hope things start to improve soon, along with the weather (!) xx

  4. Hello and welcome to Brighton,

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  5. We too used to live in London (years ago) and are living in Brighton. It does not sound like you had a good experience with moving, it’s always stressful isn’t it! Hope you are more settled now and enjoying living here :)

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