DIY White Clay Baby Shoe

glazed white clay baby shoe

Couple of months ago I started making this clay baby shoe that is replica of white sandal both of my daughters used to wear when they were very little. Today I have finally collected it from the school and I can share it with you.


  • white clay
  • transparent glaze


  • clay tools
  • rolling pin
  • pottery kiln (Unfortunately I don’t own one, I fired this shoe at the art workshops I attend.)

white clay shoe step by step

Cutting out the sole.

white clay shoes

finished clay shoe

how to make realistic clay shoe

Original and the copy, it will turn also white once dry.

pretending to do something

My younger daughter Ella helping me…

work in progress - clay

Bisque fired shoe.

white baby sandal shoe

Glazed and fired for the second time, completed shoe.

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