How Do You Like Your Tea & Coffee?

how many calories in a cup of coffee

Almost all my adult life I was  fooling myself, pretending that it is better to have unsweetened coffee or tea with a biscuit instead of sugar… I used to drink couple of coffees and teas a day with a biscuit (or two) on a side, but no sugar… to make it healthier!

Couple of days ago I decided to check and compare the calorie count, just to find out how wrong I was, that actually sugared coffee has much less calories than unsweetened coffee and a biscuit.

Approximate calories in tea or coffee with:

  • 1 tsp sugar = 16 cal
  • 2 tsp sugar = 32 cal
  • 50ml milk = 30 cal
  • digestive = 71 cal
  • 2 digestives = 142 cal
  • sugar + milk = 46 cal
  • milk + digestive = 101 cal
  • sugar + milk + digestive = 117 cal

how many calories in sugared tea?

The choice is yours… from now on I will definitely reduce amount of consumed cookies and now rather add a spoon of demerara sugar than eat a biscuit with my coffee.

Your thoughts…

  1.  Stop…I’ve cut out sugar from tea and coffee entirely as part of my weight loss program…So far so good – lost about 7kg!

  2. Thank you Scott! I really must do the same, the amount of teas and coffees I drink a day is huge, so is the sugar/cookie intake…

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