Bohemian Style Wrap Bracelets with Beads – Tutorial

If you are Chan Luu’s fan or like summery, Bohemian style jewellery you might like this tutorial showing how to make (very easily) wrap bracelets with glass seed beads in no time.

It could come especially handy during rainy half term days, Summer holidays or if you are planning to watch Eurovision tonight to keep you entertained during not so great parts…

wrap bracelet tutorial step by step

leather wrap bracelet tutorial


how to make chan luu wrap bracelet

how to make leather wrap bracelets


  • clipboard or piece of cardboard and paper clamp – optional
  • thin needle
  • scissors

chan luu style wrap bracelet with beads

neon bead bracelet tutorial


  1. First measure and cut the cord – it should be long enough to go at least two or three times around the wrist, plus 3 cm for closing and then doubled.
  2. Fold it in half, make a loop on top (big enough for the button to go through it) and tie it.
  3. Clasp the loop on the clipboard (if you are using it).
  4. Tie thread to the right cord, leave out quite long loose end to secure it later, attach the needle.
  5. Place single seed bead in between the cords and start beading – thread under the right cord, through the bead, over the left cord and then again opposite way this time – under the left cord, through the same bead, over the right cord… pass the thread this way 4 times (2 times each way) to secure the bead.
  6. Take next bead and do the same, repeat with more beads until the bracelet is long enough.
  7. Tie off the thread, then thread through 3 beads back to secure the end and cut the thread off.
  8. Tie a knot on the cords, add button, make another knot, cut the cords leaving out about 3 cm.
  9. Make little knots at the end of each of the cords.
  10. Secure also loose thread end from the beginning of the bracelet by threading it couple of times through the beads and voilà, the bracelet is ready to wear.


To make bracelet flexible in size start by attaching the button on the beginning and then at the end of bracelet make couple of loops in between knots for different sizes.

adjustable size wrap bracelet with beads

adjustable bracelet tutorial Chan Luu inspired wrap bracelet

rainbow colours wrap bracelet tutorial DIY how to make a wrap bracelet

Wrap bracelets like this can be made with more than one beads in between the cords, charms added, mixed sizes beads… the possibilities are endless. To make bracelet more than one bead wide start with 1 bead in first row, then 2 beads in second, 3 beads in third etc. (see images below).

seed bead bracelet patterns

wide wrap bracelet tutorial patterns DIY


Don’t worry if your thread is finish half way though the bracelet, just tie another piece to the end but make sure to make the knot as small as possible.

If you have wooden loom with small enough peg to hook the bracelet closing on it, it would work well instead of the clipboard.

Once the bracelet is couple of beads long you can even remove it from the clipboard and thread it holding in hand, I find it faster.

If you are looking for more Bohemian DIY ideas, check out Summery Tie Dye T-Shirts or Boho Style Granny Square Bags we made a while ago.

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