Trip to Paris & Lunch at Porte 12 with Teisseire Syrups

Couple of years ago I went on Eurostar train to Lille in France but I haven’t seen Paris for over decade since I visited my sister who was au-pair at the time. My memories of those moments are rather blurry, all I remember are the Eiffel tower, wine in the cardboard boxes, fresh baguettes…. and marinated snails I was never brave enough to try.

things to do in paris

So when I was invited by Teisseire for lunch in Paris’ fashionable restaurant Porte 12 to try their syrups I could not say no, even though I had to leave Brighton before 6 am to take the train to London St. Pancras and then join the rest of the guests on the train to Paris.

Paris breaks things to do in France narrow streets of Paris

The fun has started as soon as we boarded the train, we were served Sparkling Citron (Teisseire Lemon, Angostura bitters, lemon juice, sparklingwater), tasty Eurostar breakfast and then some more drinks to stay well hydrated: Fraise De Champagne with Teisseire Strawberry (I’m not a fan of champagne but with addition of the sirop it was gooood ) followed by Vietnamese Iced Almond coffee (espresso, Teisseire Almond, almond milk) which really worked magic to wake me up as after getting up so early I was a bit tired.
Images of the mentioned drinks below (starting from the top left)… i
f you follow my Instagram feed you have probably seen some of them already.

drinks on Eurostar via Eurotunnel

Not to waste time (while still on the train) we had olfactory workshop with amazing Odette Toilette who knows tons of interesting facts and anecdotes about perfumes. We were also comparing essential oil scents with Teisseire syrups of the same flavour, it was quite interesting to learn how the scents are sourced… Did  you know that the almond scent is made from the stone fruit seed kernels not real almonds and that there is Salt Carmel perfume on the market? Well, then you should probably attend one of the Odette’s workshops for yourself.

When we arrived at Gare du Nord station in Paris it was time for lunch.

Porte 12 restaurant in Paris points of interest

Talented people at Porte 12 created new menu, exclusively for Teisseire incorporating their syrups into our lunch.

Porte 12 one of the best Paris restaurants

I especially enjoyed the starter made of coco butter shell filled with apple and basil liquid and topped with Teisseire Vanilla gel – it was a bit unusual, unexpected but enjoyable experience for my taste buds. Also the presentation on bed of real moss inside miniature tree stump was gorgeous. Luckily I managed to eat it without making mess as it was very slippery and tried to escape.

Porte 12 in Paris started with Teisseire vanilla syrup

Another dish that I loved was smoked eel with peas and mint, the burnt butter sauce that was served on a side which was truly divine.

Paris restaurant review Porte 12 on Rue des Messageries

After the main (cod and gnocchi) followed by cheese with tropical fruit chutney the dessert was served. It looked a little disorganized but it was awesome… apple / plum cake and meringue with Teisseire Lemon & Grapefruit mousse.

Teisseire syrup UK from Britvic

We had also couple of drinks, Marsseille G&T (gin and tonic with Grapefruit Teisseire) for starters that I quite liked despite the fact I usually do not drink gin.

Teisseire Grapefruit and Teisseire Vanilla

Monet Spritz (Vanilla Teisseire with basil, aloe, lime and soda water) was undoubtedly one of my favourite drinks of the day, very refreshing.

Royal Flair (Champagne, fruit purée and Teisseire Blackberry) was all right but I preferred bits free strawberry Champagne version earlier on.

Before leaving I had another one of those lovely Vietnamese Almond Ice coffees with Teisseire Almond and it was time to get going to see a bit of Paris before getting back on the train.

Porte 12
12 Rue Des Messageries
75010 Paris

street view montmartre things to see in montmartre

Quick look at Paris from the Montmartre…

Sacré-Cœur Sacre Coeur Sacred Heart Basilica in Paris

and Sacré-Cœur / Sacred Heart basilica.

Paris metro Metropolitain line

Sadly we run out of time, we had to head back to the station to catch our train to London… I still had to get another one to Brighton (which took about the same time as the Paris – London train) but I managed to reach home before midnight, it was a great adventure (!)

More about Paris and delicious Teisseire syrups shortly, stay tuned…


For alternative view on the day read articles of my travel companions: Becca of  Amuse Your Bouche & Helen from Fuss Free Flavours.

With special thanks to lovely Iris staff taking care of us through the day.

DISCLOSURE: I was not financially compensated to write this article but I was guest of Teisseire during this press trip. All opinions expressed here are my own and I retained full editorial control.

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  1. Wow what a fantastic trip you had and those sirops sound absolutely amazing:-)

  2. Sad to have missed this. Looks like really great fun and educational too.

  3. Ooh what a fantabulous experience Margot. The food and drinks all look so much more interesting than I was expecting. I haven’t been to Paris for more years than I care to remember.

  4. What a fantastic trip! I traveled on the Eurostar to Brussels last year for the first time and loved the experience. I can imagine it was even better with all those tipples. I really need to investigate Salted Caramel perfume. That and the G&T with Grapefruit Teisseire sound totally up my street!

  5. I sounds like you had an amazing time. You have made me want to go back to Paris very soon.

  6. It was so lovely to meet you Margot! Still can’t believe how good that food was at Porte 12. And I loooved the Teisseire cocktails! ;)

  7. I love Paris. Looks like you had a really interesting day and experience. It’s amazing that we are lucky enough to be close to France that we can do Paris in day if we feel like it.

    Sally @ Life Loving

  8. Gosh what a fantastic event to have attended. My husband and I spent a night in Paris recently after not visiting for about ten years. It really is a beautiful city isn’t it xxx

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