DIY Tall Planter for Creeping Succulents

I’ve been trying to find suitable pot for our “string of beans” succulent for a while but failing to get one I would like I made it myself.

Pictured pots came from 99p or £1 store (not sure) but it would also be good idea to recycle / upcycle some old pots for this.

tall planter pots


  • 2 ceramic planters without holes / plant pot covers
  • washi tape, lace or self adhesive ribbon
  • contact glue

cheap tall planters DIY


  • Spread generous amount of contact / all purpose glue on the base of the planters.
  • Once glue is only a bit sticky connect the planters and leave aside for a while for the glue to set completely before potting plant inside.
  • In meantime use patterned sticky tape or ribbon to cover place where the two planters are connected. You may even not need to add more glue as the excess leaking from between the pots may be enough.

cheap planters diy


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