Bead Angel Christmas Ornaments

This is super easy yet quite pretty festive craft idea for the little ones…

midi Hama Ikea bead Christmas decorations


  • midi Hama beads or Ikea beads or Tiger beads
  • thread pieces

Christmas tree ornaments made from beads


  • iron
  • ironing paper
  • round bead base


  1. Arrange beads on the base, then run piece of thread through one of the beads before ironing.
  2. Iron on highest setting through ironing paper, don’t use the steam.
  3. Iron first one side, then remove ornament from the board, flip over and iron again through the paper.
  4. Top with some heavy flat object, for instance a book, until completely cooled down.


Pictured angel has been made by my 6 year old daughter with her daddy’s help.

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Your thoughts…

  1. I remember the time my daughter used to make things with these beads, they look beautiful.

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