Nutshell Crafts for Kids

[idea for strawberry ornaments came from Aunt Annie’s Crafts]

crafts using nuts

During winter season all of the shops seems to be selling beautiful, whole nuts still in the shells. If you have any spare ones left it is a great excuse to make some nutshell crafts with them… especially that half term winter holidays are approaching.

art with nut shells almond walnut strawberries

strawberry ornaments

Those are some of the little craft sets I prepared for the countdown calendar. There are almonds to decorate on one of the days and walnuts on another day… more photos coming soon.

how to make miniature santa hats


  • whole almonds or walnuts
  • mini pom-poms
  • felt pieces (for hats, beaks, legs etc.)
  • sewing threads
  • string – to make ornament
  • beads (for eyes)
  • acrylic paints
  • metallic permanent markers
  • black permanent marker
  • all purpose glue

craft with almond shells


  • sewing needles
  • scissors
  • pain brushes

whole almond walnut robin bird

robin ornament


  1. Use acrylic paint to colour the nuts for strawberries, foxes and turtles, allowing about 10 – 15 minutes between the layers not to smudge the paint.
  2. Robins has been coloured with metallic markers.
  3. To make miniature Santa hat join ends of half a circle and then attach a pom-pom.
  4. Fox whiskers and noses have been done from sewing thread knotted together.
  5. Sea turtle shells have been painted with green acrylic paint and then decorated with metallic permanent markers.
  6. For strawberries stick thread loop first, attaching knot to the almond and then stick leaves around.

almond walnut turtles

sea turtles

almond fox

fox ornament


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Your thoughts…

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