DIY Watercolour Gift Tags & Wrapping Paper

Watercolour gift tags and wrapping paper are extremely easy to make but effective and there is no real painting skills required.

watercolour gift wrapping ideas

I made those for upcoming Christmas holidays but they can be done for any occasion really, just change the colour palette to your needs.

handmade gift tags watercolor splashes

I used here: deep green and crimson red for all of the tags and also for the gift wrap (below).

handmade gift tag ideas watercolour splashes

diy gift wrapping paper

how to make gift tags


make your own gift tags


diy gift tags wedding Christmas birthday anniversary valentines


  1. For the gift tags either splash or paint watercolour paper first and then cut out the gift tags or cut out the gift tags first (share page into rectangles, trim two of the corners and punch a hole in each one) and then splash or paint them.
  2. For the paper wrap just splash or paint the paper and let it dry flat.

wrapping paper projects


If you are running out of time go ahead and use hair dryer to make sure the paper and gift tags are completely dry before wrapping the gifts.

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wrapping paper ideas

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