Mini Coaster Clipboards – 30 Minute Crafts

This is one of the crafts I have prepared for the countdown calendar… more ideas can be soon found in our 30 Minute Crafts section.

30 minute crafts


  • coasters (I used plain wooden ones which I pained with acrylic pain, glazed and sprinkled with glitter)
  • medium fold back clips
  • sticky notes (quarter per each board)
  • short pencils (I halved regular size pencil into two with scissors and  thenwrapped them in washi tape)
  • a little bit of blue tack or optionally piece of flat elastic tape (sewn into loop with extra mini loop) to hold the pencils

mini clipboards DIY craft for kids

advent calendar crafts


Your thoughts…

  1. I just saw this and was measuring before i seen this post the mini one I got from dollar tree…this is such a cute idea but do they sell the clip parts of a clipboard? I’m currently chalk painting a regular clipboard with chalk paint and then using my cricut to add some vinyl designs. Hope to hear back from you soon. God bless.

  2. Those are regular fold back paper clips, you can find them in nearly any stationery store.

  3. What is the dimensions of the coasters?

  4. Approximately 9cm x 9 cm.

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