DIY Advent Calendar & Gift Wrapping with Recycled Books & Maps

Calendars like this are quite easy to make and they can be done with almost any container, not only boxes…

advent calendar ideas and gift wrapping with recycled books and maps


  • box (best with flip lid) – it can be anything: suitcase style box, old book shaped trinket box, cake tin, tea tin, bucket, basket, flower pot, some paper mache container or even recycled box covered with magazines like those decoupage boxes I made while ago
  • pages from old books or maps (I used our old London A-Z) for wrapping
  • ribbons, threads, laces, string for wrapping
  • plain sticky tape
  • double sided tape
  • buttons, beads, tissue paper, felt or anything else you can find for decoration
  • chocolate teddy / reindeer / Santa as a decoration – optional
  • miniature DIY candies made out of small sweets: Tic Tacs, Skittles, Chupa Chups Shootz etc. and tissue paper  for decoration – optional
  • fork pompoms
  • 24 things to put inside the packages
  • 1 – 24 number stickers or plain sticky dots and numbers written on them – I stuck them on the back of each package making sure small numbers were on the top

secret storage – book shaped trinket (TK Maxx / HomeSense) & bookmark made out of ribbon

Christmas calendar ideas

ribbon & newspaper letters attached with Mod Podge, sprinkled with glitter

count down to Christmas with DIY advent calendar

old book box filled with 24 packages

Christmas countdown calendar without chocolate

suitcase style box (Tiger store)

DIY miniature sweets

miniature sweets made out of small candies and some sparkly tissue paper

miniature candies for advent calendar party bags Christmas stockings

recycled London A-Z, thread, DIY miniature candies

decorating with sweets

recycled A-Z, thread, double sided sticky tape to attach the candies

Ways to fill children advent calendar

It can be anything really as long as it has 24 pieces, or multiply of 24 if you want to share one set for 2 or 3 calendars.

gift wrap with recycled maps and old books ideas

recycled book / map, thread, seed breads and feather charm

gift wrapping with crochet granny squares

recycled map, yarn, buttons and leftover crochet granny square motives

creative gift wrapping for Christmas and Birthdays

recycled book and fork pom poms

gift wrap DIYs gift wrapping ideas

recycled A-Z, lace, DIY felt flowers and ladybug buttons

decorating with jingle bells

recycled A-Z, lace, sewing thread, jingle bells


More countdown calendars.

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  1. These look wonderful. I hadn’t even thought about using old maps and they look great, so unique! Love the crochet decorations too :)

  2. Thank you!!!! :)

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