Gift Wrapping with DIY Fork Pom Poms – Tutorial

how to make a pom pom tutorial


  • leftover yarn

fork pom poms pom-poms pompoms


  • fork
  • scissors


fork pompom tutorial

  • 1. Cut two pieces of yarn (long enough to wrap around the gift).

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  • 2. Wrap plenty yarn around the fork, making sure the two loose pieces are showing from both sides, they will be needed for tying and then wrapping around the gift later on.

pom pom crafts

  • 3. Cut off the yarn and tie the pom pom knotting together the long pieces of yarn.

make pom poms using fork

  • 4. Slide pom pom off the fork and cut the loops with scissors.

DIY pom pom step by step picture tutorial

  • 5. Trim until pom pom looks nice and round, but make sure not to cut the long strings that will be needed for the wrapping.

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  • 6. Use to wrap around the gift boxes.

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