Decoupage Baubles – Upcycled DIY Christmas Decorations on a Budget

If you are not familiar decoupage or découpage is an art of decorating object with paper and is known since Victorian times. The paper is then sealed with varnish for long lasting result.

There are special decoupage papers available on the market and decoupage sealer with glue and varnish – 2 in 1, such as Mod Podge we were using. But if you don’t have those on hands, plain paper, paper glue and then regular water based indoor varnish will do the trick.

Simple decoupage is really not that difficult… pictured below baubles have been done mostly by my girls as a part of their crafty countdown calendar and it is a great way of upcycling all those old, scruffy baubles you may have from previous years.

 make decoupage christmas baubles


  • old baubles or plain, cheap baubles from 99p store, £1 store, $1 store or similar, depending on your location
  • craft paper, wrapping paper, napkins or even old newspapers (no need for special decoupage paper)
  • paper glue
  • varnish (we used water based glue and varnish in one – Mod Podge)
  • glitter powder – optional

decoupage baubles tutorial

decoupage christmas decorations


  • scissors
  • paint brush
  • wooden skewers

easy decoupage for kids

decoupage christmas decorations


  1. Remove bauble tops
  2. Cut paper into strips or tear it into pieces.
  3. Apply paper pieces onto the bauble sticking it with paper glue or decoupage sealer.
  4. Optionally cut out some extra patterns from the paper and stick onto the bauble as well (see the beige bauble).
  5. Place the tops back.
  6. Glaze (also the tops), glitter and leave to dry on the skewers.
  7. Repeat layer of varnish if necessary.

decoupage bauble

decoupage christmas decorations


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