Wooden Peg People – Kids’ Crafts

I cheated a bit here and while packing countdown calendar for my girls I got this ready set of pegs and pre-cut bits and pieces.

My girls of course did not follow the Tiger store instructions so out little Santas look a bit different and one of them has turned into witch (!)

kids crafts wooden peg people

peg people tutorial for children


  • wooden pegs / body cones
  • scarps of fabric / felt
  • lace
  • buttons
  • mini pom-poms
  • and anything else you may have on hand

wooden peg Santa girl

wooden peg witch

how to make wooden peg people


  • all purpose glue
  • sewing thread and needle
  • permanent marker (for eyes, smiles)

wooden peg crafts


  1. To make the hats follow instructions here.
  2. While connecting hair best stick them to the hat first and then stick hat on the wooden peg.
  3. Sew on buttons and other bits onto the fabric before sticking it to the pegs.

Happy Holidays card


If you can’t get hold of body cones you can get similar shapes by cutting off top of the wooden laundry pegs.

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