Hand Painted Beach Rocks – Kids’ Craft Idea

hand painted stones pebbles rocks summer beach kids crafts

Just a quick idea on how to use up all those stones collected by kids during the summer and it makes perfect rainy day craft… my girls loved it even though we did not have many colours of paint at hand.

Painted stones can be used not only as a decoration but for various purposes: bigger rocks can be turned into paper weights or even door stoppers (depending on how big)… smaller ones can be turned into magnets, noughts & crosses or even rings just like glass pebbles we have made while ago. If you create too many painted rocks you can always give them to friends or put them back on the beach to make someone’s day when they will find it…

how to hand paint stones


  • stones / rocks / pebbles (not too shiny)
  • acrylic paints & brushes
  • permanent marker (thin felt tip)
  • indoor /  outdoor varnish – optional

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