DIY Fruity Fridge Magnets Made Out of Beads – Summer Kids’ Crafts

yummy fridge magnets


  • Ikea or Hama Midi beads
  • small, flat magnets
  • thick double side tape to attach magnets
  • parchment paper for ironing


  • round peg board for watermelon and orange
  • square peg board for apple, grapes and cherries
  • star shaped peg board for the ice cream
  • iron

summer kids crafts ideas Hama Ikea bead patterns


I will be posting more yummy bead magnets shortly, in meantime you may enjoy some fruity nail art ideas or other DIY fridge magnets we have made earlier.

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  1. So cute! I have hama beads at home and am always looking for creative things to make with them

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