Hama / Ikea Bead Fridge Magnets

Coffee and Vanilla


midi Hama beads or Ikea beads
square bead board
double sided thick tape or some glue

Coffee and Vanilla

Coffee and Vanilla


ironing paper

Coffee and Vanilla


For stronger, longer lasting magnets iron design through the ironing paper while still on the board, let it cool down a little bit, remove from the board and iron again through the paper on the other side of the design. Place under heavy book until completely cold.
Stick on one the magnets either with glue or double sided tape and your fridge magnets are ready.

Coffee and Vanilla

Coffee and Vanilla

  • Children love beads, they can do designs by themselves,  you will only have to iron it for them.
  • Beads can be used not only to make plain designs or magnets, but to make pedants, bracelets (used like regular beads), key rings or even 3D designs, for instance – boxes.
  • You can achive diffrent designs with shaped boards, we (me and my 4 year old daughter) used plain square board, for round shapes and edges use round board.
  • They come in 3 different sizes: mini, midi and maxi so they are suitable for almost any age.
  • Hama beads are cheaper and more practical that beads that stick when sprayed with water.
  • Hama beads  have been on market since I was a child… almost like Lego and Monchhichis ;)


Ikea beads and peg boards are compatible with midi Hama beads and can be used together. We just bought some shaped boards in Ikea and used them with Hama beads we had at home… worked perfect.

Your thoughts…

  1. these are soo pretty and cool :)

  2. Wonderful beads never seen anything of the kind!

  3. i already have hama beads. so if i get ikea beads will they still work with hama beads??

  4. @Ella
    Thank you for your comment.
    I’m not sure about mixing beads in one project but you can definitely use Ikea peg boards for Midi Hama beads and opposite, Hama peg boards for Ikea beads.

  5. i really like the hama beads i have never seen the monster face thing before and i like the rabbiet

  6. I have never seen those in my life before. Thanks for pointing them out. Now I have to get those before the holiday season ends!

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