Kids’ Arts & Crafts for Holidays

Whenever it is half term break, autumn, winter, spring or summer holidays and kids need to stay indoors due to bad weather or circumstances, it is good to find them something creative to do, before they will turn the house upside down or even worse, they will spend the whole day watching TV or browsing internet.

Below you can find couple of our favourite, quite universal art and craft ideas (except for the jewelry and hair accessories)… More seasonal crafts (and recipes as well) can be found in Christmas, Spring & SummerEaster, Autumn & Winter or Halloween sections.

splashes splatters watercolour techniques

watercolour straw technique

diy monster pencil toppers

pom-pom pencil toppers

easy diy hair accessories craft ideas for hair accessories

DIY hair accessories 

how to decorate glass beads pebbles gems nuggets flat marbles

decorated glass pebbles

wooden peg witch

wooden peg people

advent calendar crafts

coaster clipboards

colourful tissue paper circle pattern greeting card

tissue paper cards

die-cuts decoupage vintage butterflies crafts retro


wooden bead bracelet with sliding knot doll face bracelet pendant necklace

wooden bead bracelets

felt food tutorial

felt play food 

More crafty ideas


Many more ideas can be found in our Crafts or in 30 Minute Crafts sections, take a look.

There are also some more craft ideas for spring, summer, autumn and winter here.

30 minute crafts for days when time is limited.

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