DIY Children’s Doctor / Nurse Set with Real Gadgets

My daughters, especially the little one she loves to play doctor, nurse or vet sometimes and they were nagging me for ages to buy a doctor role play set.

When I looked at all those plasticity and useless tools they sell in the toy stores I decided to make our own doctor case… with real gadgets.

children's doctor kit nurse set vet role playing


  • re-purposed old sewing case with “doctor case” embossed using our good, old Dymo label maker
  • real silicone nurse watch (£1.69)
  • real stethoscope (£2.99)
  • real pen torch with pupil gauge (£1.33)
  • empty medicine boxes & eye drops bottles
  • medicine pill organizer box (£1.29)  filled with TicTacs
  • real syringes – without needles (£1.96 / 10 pack)
  • real pipettes (£0.98 / 10 pack)
  • Doc McStuffin’s stamps – for the prescriptions (£1 at Poundland)
  • name tag (re-purposed from some press event badge)
  • granny pyjama top or shirt (not sure) in adult size 6 as a doctor gown (£1 at Primark)

Kids' doctor set case role playing kit

All together did cost me less than £15 including the TicTacs and my girls can actually learn something: listen to the heart beat with the stethoscope, look inside the eyes with the pen torch or learn how to read the time on the nurse watch ;)

The kit turned out to be big hit for the half term holidays and rainy days.

DIY doctor role playing set kit case

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