Magical Miniature Garden in a Jar

how to make garden in a jar

This amazing miniature garden in a jar is my friend Sylwia (author of My Little Coffee Blog among other sites) brought as a gift for my older daughter. I don’t have to tell you that she absolutely loved it and started planning to make some more miniature clay figurines to add to it, couple of mushrooms and fairies for start, and then we will see…

miniature garden clay houses

If you feel inspired and would like to make one of those gardens on your own below you can find list of things you will need.

DIY miniature garden


  • jar with a lid or small fish tank / terrarium / vivarium
  • 1st layer (from the bottom): gravel or some pebbles for drainage
  • 2nd layer: active carbon /charcoal to prevent mould and bad smell – optional
  • 3rd layer: soil
  • 4th layer: moss and some other little plants
  • miniature figurines, houses and other little items

magical miniature garden

If you look closely you should see on the top left of the jar little empty snails shell, I’m not sure if Sylwia added it on purpose or if it was part of the moss but it suits the garden perfectly.

miniature garden how to

Our updated garden in a fish bowl can be found here.

Some more miniature garden ideas can be found on one of my Pinterest boards.


Active carbon, gravel and container you can sometimes find in pet stores (in aquarium section).

Your thoughts…

  1. Sylwia Presley says:

    Really glad you like it!:) 

  2. This is too cute! 

    1. Thank you Wiffy, can’t take credit for this one it was all Sylwia’s idea :)

  3. I love posts like this! Thanks for the inspiration :-)

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