DIY Spiral Art Cards for Winter Holidays – Kids’ Crafts

This is very easy craft that can be done in 30 minutes or less but for younger children may require a bit of adult help to draw the spirals which they can colour later.

crafts under 30 minutes easy winter holidays cards


  • blank cards with envelopes
  • colourful sheets of paper
  • crayons
  • paper glue stick
  • clear all purpose glue / contact glue
  • glitter in a shaker
  • ribbon

spiral art crafts for kids


glittery Christmas Xmas cards


  1. Draw some spirals on a piece of paper.
  2. Colour them in and then cut out.
  3. Stick to the blank card with paper glue, leaving some room on the top.
  4. Draw bauble loops with a marker.
  5. Cover entire area of the baubles with glue.
  6. Sprinkle cards with glitter, it should stick only to the baubles, shake off the excess.
  7. Make bows out of the ribbons and stick them to the cards using all purpose glue.
  8. Leave aside to dry out completely before placing it in the envelopes.

how to use Spirogoraph and Spiral Draw tools


Photos don’t do those spiral art cards justice. They look so much better in reality and the baubles are all shiny from glitter.

Spiral art is great also for making gift tags…

DIY gift cards with glitter and spiral art patterns

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