DIY Christmas Jumper Day Woolly with Felt Reindeer

This is very easy craft idea on how to turn any jumper into the Christmas one. For some reason only yesterday I discovered about Christmas Jumper Day and we had to prepare something for school overnight (!)

Christmas Jumper Day

The reindeer can be done either with sheets of ready felt sheets, wet felted or needle felted like I did it here.

handmade woolly jumper with cute reindeer


festive woolly jumper with needle felted reindeer tutorial
I have felted the reindeer and then continued stabbing the wool with felting needle on the top of ready acrylic felt to make it stronger.

festive woolly sweater

I added also the reindeer antlers / pipe cleaners in between the layers. To finish off I sew pair of sequins adding some sparks to the eyes and little bells on the antlers.

needle felted reindeer

I connected it then with simple overcast stitch to the jumper so it can be used maybe one more time for Christmas and then easily removed and put away for next year.


If you are using dry felting process you can wrap the antlers in wool as well to make them look more natural, my daughter liked them purple so I left them how they were.

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  1. Wow, you made this quickly! Aww, cute reindeer! :)

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