Handmade Felt – Wet Felting Process in Step by Step Tutorial

make felt at home - step by step DIY method


  • craft wool fibres
  • dish-washing liquid
  • very hot / almost boiling water

wool for making felt


  • bamboo place mat  / sushi mat
  • deep tray / container with flat bottom
  • long & round wooden rod or thin rolling pin
  • piece of linen cloth


Below you can see step by step tutorial on how to make your own piece of felt. Just so you know and won’t get confused, there are images of two different pieces of felt in those steps.

how felt is made

1. Plate the mat on the bottom of the tray and top it with at least 3 layers of separated wool. Place the second layer of the fibres across the first one, and then the third one across the second one, etc.

DIY felt how to

2. Mix about a cup of very hot water with 1 tsp of dish-washing liquid, pour over the fibres.

step by step felt tutorial

3. Rub them with circular movements just like when washing hair, continue rubbing for about 10 minutes.

4. Once the fibres look connected, remove it from the mat carefully and place on the linen cloth.

5. Roll it up together with the wooden rod to remove excess water and soap.

felt tutorial step by step how to

6. Very gently roll out and then remove felt from the linen.

finished handmade DIY felt

7. Place on a flat surface to dry out. If the felt is still to soapy you can rinse it and dry again.


Pictured above pieces of felt has been made during the art textile class I attend, the green & blue piece was made by me.

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