Caribbean Lemons & Other Exotic Citrus Fruits

exotic citrus fruits benefits

Caribbean lemons are just one of the exotic looking citrus fruits, they are much bigger than regular lemons and round in shape. Pictured above fruit has been photographed on the Spice Mountain near Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

Another quite impressive citrus fruits are pomelos also called shaddocks which are gigantic grapefruits with much nicer and milder taste.

Kumquats are miniature, oval shaped oranges that can be eaten raw, together with peel.

There are also tangors or ortaniques which are hybrids of oranges and tangerines.

And ugli fruits that have really ugly, thick bumpy skin, but they are yummy. They are cross between orange, grapefruit and the tangerine.

What ever the size, shape, place of origin or how exotic the name is, all citrus fruits have lots of health benefits:

  • They have high content of vitamin C, good for immune system.
  • Citrus fruits have lots of pectin fibre which helps weight loss.
  • Citrus juice and peel have antibacterial, cleansing properties.
  • Citrus fruits prevent certain types of kidney stones.
  • They help to remove toxins from our bodies.
  • Citrus fruits are helpful in reducing pain, fever, symptoms of cold, flu and allergies.

It looks like citrus fruits are really good for us, so lets start eating more of them and drinking warm water with a dash of lemon juice or a slice or lemon each morning to cleanse and boost immune system (this will be definitely one of my New Year’s resolutions).

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