Honey Pomelo and other Pummelos


Pummelo is an exotic large citrus fruit that is an ancestor of the common grapefruit. It originated in Asia and is grown in many eastern countries including China, Japan, India, Fiji, Malaysia, and Thailand. It is also now grown in the Caribbean and in the United States, in California and Florida. Although it is most commonly known under the name of pummelo, depending on the region where it is grown, it is also called the pamplemousse, pomelo, Bali lemon, Limau besar, and shaddock.

Pummelos are produced from the pummelo tree, which is a tree that can grow to heights of up to 50 feet. Additionally, the pummelo tree produces very attractive, fragrant and large white coloured flowers. These flowers are often used in Asia to make perfumes. Because the pummelo fruit is related to the grapefruit, it has a taste that is tangy. However, pummelo fruit is sweeter in taste than the grapefruit.

You can recognize a pummelo fruit by its large size and thick outer skin. Inside the pummelo, white or pink flesh is present. Additionally, thick membranes surround this flesh. You can eat the flesh within a pummelo, raw. Additionally, the skin of a pummelo is commonly used as an ingredient in preserves and to be made into a candied confection. Pummelo skin is also used medicinally in some cultures.


Honey Pomelo is a kind of Pummelo from southeast of China where it has been planted for more than 500 years now.
The Honey Pomelo is seedless, mild, succulent and always with a rich fragrance of honey. Juice of the pomelo is sweet and sometimes with a little sour taste. It tastes very similar to white grapefruit but without the bitterness. The skinned segments of pomelo can be broken apart and used in salads and desserts or made into preserves. Besides to be a tasty fruit, Honey Pomelo also functions a lot in the nutrition field. It contains several kinds of vitamins, sugar and more than ten sorts of other mineral components as magnesium, calcium, copper, aluminium, titanium and etc, especially richer in magnesium, calcium and copper than other fruit. As researched, Honey Pomelo can adjust metabolism, reduce blood pressure, clear throat, relieve a cough and contribute to a better appetite.


* Information source: Essortment and Honey Pomelo website.

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  1. Mmm … got to love them citrus fruits :)
    Fabulous pictures!

  2. Yum! I’ve been eyeing pummelos in the store but really didn’t know what to do with them, or if I’d like them… so avoided buying. But after your description I’m intrigued!

  3. get to see these a lot i Hong Kong. i love these.

  4. Pommelos are all over our farmers’ markets. They’ve been hit or miss though– sometimes they’re remarkably tart and juicy and other times, too dry. I’ll keep trying though!

  5. Hmm, I have never heard of a Pummelo before. I will check my local supermarket.

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