Recycled Art – Old Newspaper Coaster Tutorial

tutorial on recycling old newspapers


  • old newspapers
  • craft glue
  • skewer or some other round & quite thin stick
  • craft paint – optional
  • transparent vanish


newspaper crafts tutorial

1. First cut open newspaper half way across.

handmade newspaper coaster step by step tutorial

2. Then roll each piece on the stick and glue the end, creating the tubes. Remove the stick and set aside.

ways to recycle newspapers

3. Flatten each paper tube paper and then roll it to create circles like this, use glue to secure the ends. (Roll more than one tube, one after another, securing ends each time, to create bigger circle.)

old newspaper recycling ideas

4. Arrange circles and long pieces of the tube, stick them together to create the coaster.

recycling old newspapers

5. Once it is big enough paint all over with diluted glue, leave to dry.

recycling newspapers

6. Optionally paint with craft paints, I left my coaster in natural (newspaper) colour.

recycling recycled craft ideas

7. Once completely dry cover it with transparent vanish on one side, let it dry and then on the other side. Finished coaster photo is on the top of this post.

I made this coaster during recycled art classes I attend, thank you Silvia for great ideas!


To make square shapes surrounding circles best roll long pieces of paper first on some square object.

Please, forgive me quality some of the images, they have been taken with my phone as I forgot the camera to the class.

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