Upcycled Plastic Bottle Piggy Bank – Half Term Kid’s Crafts

[The idea of bottle piggy bank came from recycled art classes I attend.]

how to make piggy bank out of plastic bottle

This is quite easy but time consuming recycled craft idea perfect for half term, it will keep kids occupied for couple of days… Collect bottle covers and toilet rolls as we have few more recycled craft ideas to share this week (!)


  • large plastic bottle
  • 5 bottle covers
  • newspapers
  • sticky tape
  • googly eyes
  • cardboard (for ears)
  • pipe cleaner (for tail)
  • craft paint (white + couple other colours)
  • PVA glue
  • clear all purpose glue or glue gun
  • clear vanish (I used water based clear gloss varnish for indoor wood from Wilko)


  • sharp knife / cutter
  • paint brushes (I used brush for white paint and varnish at the end and sponges to make spotty design)

step by step recycled bottle piggy bank tutorial


  • 1. Cut bottle in 3 pieces, discard middle part. Deep edge of the bottom part in hot / boiling water and push quickly inside the top part… it should fit now inside. Secure with sticky tape.
  • 2. Use also sticky tape to connect 4 bottle covers as legs.

half term kid's craft idea

3. Dilute craft glue and use it to stick newspapers onto the bottle.

half term ideas recycled crafts

4. Paint first with white colour to cover the newspaper print, then decorate to your liking.

how to make use of old plastic bottles

5. Use all purpose glue or glue gun to connect the pipe cleaner tail, eyes and ears (pain them as well).

recycling newspapers and plastic bottles

  • 6. Finish covering the whole piggy bank with clear glossy vanish. I also trimmed the ears as they refused to stay up.
  • 7. Once the piggy bank is completely dry, carefully make a whole for coins with the cutter. I secured edges of the cut with glittery nail polish because I messed it up a bit.


Twist pipe cleaner around some oval object, like glue stick, to make it curly.

To reduce waiting time you may stick jewels / beads or stickers instead of painting the piggy bank.

You can also cover it with wrapping paper and then only varnish.

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